When I was a kid I’d joke to myself that I must be conventionally good looking because I didn’t match the conventions for UNconventional good looks.
The convention was

  • Tall
  • Slim
  • With longer than usual shins
  • With narrow hips
  • With auburn or ebony or tawny (yeah, not red, black, or blond) hair
  • Breasts, regardless of size, are proud

The faces though —

  • Unusually wide set, uptilted (yep, that’s the word) eyes
  • Which are green, grey, or icy (huh?)
  • Eyebrows are also uptilted (that word again!), except when they’re level. Level brows go with grey eyes.
  • Very wide mouths
  • Short upturned nose
  • Broad jaws

My looks didn’t, and don’t, fit this convention. I’m short, and busty, and my nose is large. Indeed, my features are large and somewhat asymmetric.

And yet, I realized recently, I’m conventionally beautiful. My hair, while mousy, is thick, soft, and shiny.

My eyes are large.

My skin is beautiful.

My teeth are good.

What I have never had is fashionable looks.

Food for thought.


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