My body. 

I read something dispiriting the other day.

A lesbian, who had been raped by a man (with a penis), asserted that penises disgusted her and feared that her disgust indicated transphobia. A trans person responded that yes, it did so indicate, and she should work on it (because she was bad for not desiring trans women, penises and all).

So yeah, disgust for a group, or even lack of desire for any members of that group might be bigotry. And yeah, work on the bigotry if it shows up in your professional life, or expand your friend groups maybe. But no, you aren’t required to sex people you don’t desire. You’re not required to change your desires either.

People who tell you to change your desires, especially if the change privileges them are coercing you. They are wrong.

My body is not up for other people’s political agenda.

Shame on you if you push for people to have sex with people they don’t want.

2 Replies to “My body. ”

  1. If not desiring any members of a group is wrong, then any sexual orientation save pansexuality is wrong. That is the logical conclusion I see here. Of course, this conclusion is not true.

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