Self centered

A friend posted about how frustrating it is when your partner decides to teach you, regardless of what the teacher is doing.

So I’ve been thinking.  What do I want to teach? How do I understand my partner’s needs?

The title is, of course, a spoiler.

On good days, my focus is on each moment of interaction. No, that’s not  right. On good days, I’m open. How you move is a delight.  I meet you and laugh (internally) as the thing I was turns into a joint presentation.

On days which are not so spontaneous nor so beautiful, my concerns consume me, and I (gently, I hope) complete technique in a way the teacher opened for me.

In other days, we are lost. I try to express how we can meet, and incorporate technique.

On bad days, I drop you on your head, and laugh.
I hate bad days.