Small satori

I was doing the NY Times 7 minute exercise program.  It’s 7 minutes of not very intense exercise (unless you push yourself, and I suppose I do).

My mother was sitting on my couch watching me.

She’d make a remark occasionally.  First that I could be her personal trainer.  She’d ask what the exercises were (either two or three times).  I’d tell her, she’d comment that they were a good program because they weren’t very hard. Anyone could do them (this is of course true — for certain values of anyone).

Yes, she said I could be her personal trainer. I moved well, she said.  I had real control of my body.

Yes.  I do.  I’ve been studying martial arts for thirty years.  I’m ludicrously strong.  I’m coordinated. I run twenty to twenty five miles a week.

And now she realizes I’m serious.

I watched the realization hit, and then pass.