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I watched the first season of How to get away with murder.  I loved it, as any sane person would.

And yet one thing kept bothering me.

Why were there three boys and two girls in the Keating Five?  Surely more girls are admitted to law school than boys?

Then I decided to flip one of the boys to a girl.

If it were Wes then the question would be whether the drug dealer (Rebecca) she’s obsessed with should be flipped too.  The story line works if  Rebecca is oh Reuben, because then the question of who killed Lisa can be sorted out on the basis of whose semen.

It still works if the drug dealer stays Rebecca.  The Wes character (Winifred? Wanda?) could be shocked by her attraction to a girl.

What if it’s the promiscuous gay boy (whose name I’ve lost)?  Turned into a promiscuous gay girl, most of the season works, though the HIV test may not be as immediately obvious.

Even the horrible dorky boy could be a horrible dorky girl – who still has an affair with the associate.

So yes, in my ideal universe more girls than boys in the Keating Five.



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