Life is beautiful 

I went to LiLac to buy chocolates for my mother.

I also bought something for myself.

The manager gave me mine.  For being a good customer who loves her mother. 
Life is good



The past few weeks I’ve been aching with hunger.  I eat a lot, I’m not thin.  But oh, I’m hungry.


Last time I was like this was more than 15 years ago.  I’d have dinner, and then a steak for dessert.  I’d do that now except I don’t eat meat.

This thing bothered me…

That’s what most of my posts are (when I bother to post at all).


That’s what most posts on the internet are:

This thing bothered me.

Yep. It did.

Anti-vaxxers.  Misogynists.  Rape apologists.  The endless number of people who feel that their sexuality or religion or exercise or food or clothing is fabulous for them and therefore it’s a must for everyone.

Yeah, yeah.