I typed “jock” into google, and the images were all male.

I typed “jock woman” and got ads for female jock itch.

So I typed “woman athlete”.

I saw pictures of buffed young women.

That’s great.  But it’s not me, even though I’m a jock.

For ten years I danced three hours a day.

For twenty years I did at least 2 hours of aikido every day.

For much of that time  (15 years?) I also did 20 minutes on my nordic track, 100 pushups.  And an hour of sword work (5 years).

Currently, I run 5+ miles 4 times a week, 100 pushups 6 times a week, PT for my knee 3 times a week, 10 minutes of yoga 6 times a week.  And aikido.

I’m a fat middle aged woman.

My picture doesn’t show up when you type ‘jock” into google.

But it should.Photo on 1-13-16 at 7.11 PM #2.jpg



2 Replies to “Jocks”

    1. Thanks.

      It’s good and bad really. The possibility of physical competence is the luck of the draw: I’m strong. The need for exercise though, is from brain chemistry problems including competitiveness and depression.

      So maybe it’s less Great Energy, and more Inner Demons.

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