I typed “jock” into google, and the images were all male.

I typed “jock woman” and got ads for female jock itch.

So I typed “woman athlete”.

I saw pictures of buffed young women.

That’s great.  But it’s not me, even though I’m a jock.

For ten years I danced three hours a day.

For twenty years I did at least 2 hours of aikido every day.

For much of that time  (15 years?) I also did 20 minutes on my nordic track, 100 pushups.  And an hour of sword work (5 years).

Currently, I run 5+ miles 4 times a week, 100 pushups 6 times a week, PT for my knee 3 times a week, 10 minutes of yoga 6 times a week.  And aikido.

I’m a fat middle aged woman.

My picture doesn’t show up when you type ‘jock” into google.

But it should.Photo on 1-13-16 at 7.11 PM #2.jpg




There was a recent Times article (I think it was the Styles section but as I saw it on Facebook, who knows?) on young women wearing granny panties.

Good for them!  Or not.

No, really, I’m glad they’re happy in big cotton panties.

What I didn’t like, however, was the quotes about how they were wearing Big Cotton Panties for themselves, unlike previous generations of women who wore thongs for men.

See, I’m a member of Previous Generations Of Women, as are my friends, and my family, and the women I’ve seen in multiple locker rooms all over the world.

A lot of women my age and older wear Big Cotton Panties (they’re called granny pants for a reason).  A lot wear bikinis.  A lot wear lacy stuff.  A lot wear unadorned.

The women that I’ve talked to about underwear (and that’s dozens of women – still anecdotal, but not fewer than the Times’ informants) wear their underwear for themselves.

Yeah, all of us  (I’ve done it too) have bought one or more sets of sexy for particular assignations.

Most of us wear what we think of as pretty and comfortable underwear daily, for ourselves.

Sometimes that includes thongs.  For me, two reasons:

  1. Most panties ride up and bunch at my crack.  At least with a thong there’s less fabric.
  2. The full coverage panties that cover my butt often bag in front.


I’ve heard both of those from other women (mostly reason 1).  I’ve also heard:

  • They’re comfortable.
  • They aren’t visible under my pants.
  • I wear a size X in thongs and X + A Lot in panties.  I’d rather wear X, it’s easier to find.
  • I like the way I look in them.


Indeed, if I were to go by the only men who offered opinions on my underwear, I’d be in athletic underwear always (sports bras for the win!)

I’d really prefer if people operated on the assumption that Previous Generations were human, just like them.