More of Loulou’s thoughts

Now to describe a thinking dog.

Loulou knew that Grace was dead. She smelled like meat. She didn’t move.

The children had given him am anxiety free chance.

He remembered Grace. He missed her. Every time he thought of her his tail wagged. But now there was Renie and Pam. They argue but not so seriously about whose bed he will sleep in.

It’s not really an issue because he already knows that most of the time he will sleep at their door.

He dragged his bed there as soon as they went to theirs.

The mother laughed when she saw that. She gave him another biscuit.

He got up and retrieved his new toy. Finally he could relax.

His eyes closed. He slept.

That’s a thought for the dog.

The bedroom: as you come in the floor to ceiling, or at least large, window to your right and across from you.

Let’s say the window faces west. Then the door is at the north end of the east wall.

There is a bed on each of the north and south walls. Each is at the west end of the wall.

At the east end of the south wall is the door to the closet. It’s a walk in. But not so large.

There are two dressers on the east wall both low.

There’s a rug at the center of the floor.

The dog dragged his bed to the hall way in front of the girls’ bedroom door. He’s sleeping peacefully now. The girls wonder if they should wake him when they need to go pee.

The answer is clear, he wakes and thumps his tail as Renie walks towards him. He stands and stretches then smiles.

She walks by and he gets up and follows her. Once she reaches the bathroom he walks to a spot where he can observe both the bathroom and the girls’ bedroom. Once Renie is back he settles again at the bedroom door. He is asleep instantly.

The girls are gently snoring within a few minutes.

Loulou gets up and wanders through the apartment. It’s less aimless than you might think.

He checked each window and each door. Yes of course he checked for entrances but also he knew to familiarize himself with the apartment’s natural scents.

He wandered into the girls’ room again. They slept.

That’s when he trotted with purpose to Her room. He plopped down at the foot of her bed and was fast asleep in 10 seconds.


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